An Under Armour Sponsored Program for the Elite Girls of Western Canada

With the support of British Columbia’s largest and most prestigious basketball clubs, BC UNITED has been created to provide high-level athletes the opportunity to learn the game at an advanced level. 3D Basketball, Athelite, and Vancouver Sports Club, have all united together as ONE so our most loyal and committed athletes can compete in elite level events for college recruiting (NCAA and CIS). If you are a basketball player, and have a fierce passion for the game, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU TO PLAY. 

An extensive training/competition schedule and a wide network of contacts with Bluestar Basketball, ESPN (Dan Olson), Premier Hoops, and Crown Scouting, will allow our UNITED athletes to be showcased to the who’s who of basketball in the United States and Canada. We will play in a circuit of events and compete in divisions where university coaches will be viewing our players.