3D Summer Training Program - STP

Specialized for all our 3D members that are part of our Elite, Black and Red teams

This program has been built for 3D players wanting to take their off season to another level. STP is built around two components. First being CSD (Concepts, skills, defence) and the second being SBS (Shooting, Boot Camp, Scrimmage). See descriptions below. Create your off season plan by choosing one of the two streams or pick both components and get the ultimate workout.  

Combining both components is highly recommended by our coaching staff.

CSD - (Concepts, skills, defence) Elementary

CSD - (Concepts, skills, defence) High School

This program will focus on improving ball handling, fakes, 1vs1, decision making, shooting, passing, finishing and all facets of one's offensive game.  The program will run 3x each week (M/W/F), starting from July 2nd and ending August 23rd.  The athletes will receive 5.5 hrs of instructed training per week throughout the summer.


CSD Elementary runs M/W/F from 9:00am-10:30am

CSD High School runs M/W/F from 10:30am-12:00pm

SBS - (Shooting, Boot Camp, Scrimmage) Elementary

SBS - (Shooting, Boot Camp, Scrimmage) High School

This program complements our CSD training sessions and allows our athletes t incorporate the skills learned in a game environment.  Extra shooting opportunities will be provided and feedback from our coaches will help detect and correct errors in one's form.  Time will also be spent on building core strength, strength fundamentals and endurance to better prepare the body for the game.  One full hour will be dedicated to unstructured scrimmage time.  The program will run 2x each week (T/TH), starting from July 2nd and ending August 23rd.


Elementary Scrimmage runs Tue/Thurs from 9:00am-10:00am

Boot Camp runs Tue/Thurs from 10:00am-11:00am

High School Scrimmage runs Tue/Thurs from 11:00am-12:00pm


Week 1: July 2-5 || Location: St.Pius X

Week 2: July 8-12 || Location: Capilano University Sportsplex

Week 3: July 15-19 || Location: Lions Gate Christian Academy * Program will run from 12pm-3pm this week*

Week 4: July 22-26 || Location: Capilano University Sportsplex

Week 5: July 29-Aug 2 || Location: St.Pius X Elementary

Week 6: Aug 6-9 || Location: Capilano University Sportsplex

Week 7: Aug 12-16 || Location: Capilano University Sportsplex

Week 8: Aug 19-23 || Location: Capilano University Sportsplex


CSD Pricing

Weekly Price: $115 + gst

Summer Pass: $595 + gst

SBS Pricing

Weekly Price: $95 + gst

Summer Pass: $499 + gst

Combined Program Pricing

Weekly Price: $145 + gst

Summer Pass: $699 = gst


SBS Registration - Click Here