3D Elite Academy

For those wanting to take their game to the next level

The 3D Elite Academy is a full year program developed for our most dedicated athletes. Training with top instructors and against quality competition is the key to on-court success and will turn your weaknesses into strengths, improve your skills, and increase your confidence. 3D will offer four Academy programs this Fall: Varsity, Junior Varsity, Youth, Girls.

Participation in the Academy is by invite or by tryout only. The selection committee are looking for players who have a high basketball skill level and a who are committed and dedicated athletes with high character. Athletes must have a passport and be able and willing to travel. Academy participants must be prepared to handle life as a student athlete. Our focus is on physical and mental preparation with high end coaching and access to a variety of development tools

2022/23 Schedule

Team Practices - 3x / week

Shooting Practice - 1x / week

Scrimmage or Skills - 1x / week

Track Training - 1x / week

Competition - Champions League & Tournaments vary per age group (Seattle, Portugal,

LA, Dallas, Orlando, Las Vegas, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa are expected destinations).

Strength & Conditioning and Shooting programs- required



The Elite team training is a comprehensive European approach to individual basketball skill development and training. We provide preparation for high level offensive and defensive schemes with a concept based approach. The training program runs year round (11 months) and operates with a total cost fee (available prorated monthly charges). Team practices occur three times per week.


Athletes will attend two shooting practices per week to compliment their team practices. The focus on form development, quality reps and application of game situation shooting. Players will be aided in the development of a customized shooting program which they will also be encouraged to fulfill outside of practice and training sessions on their own or in small groups. Results will be monitored and tracked by coaches.



In addition to regular sport training, our athletes are encouraged to engage in a training program suited to their athletic goals. Programming is offered through 3D basketball, however upon club approval athletes can continue their work with an external strength and conditioning coach (CSCS or equivalent credentials). Our athletes will be guided through training programs 2-4x a week oriented around improving sport performance and injury prevention, with workouts structured in the weight room, on court and at-home.


Our most recent graduating class had 9 post-secondary commitments (NCAA Div II- 2, U-Sport- 5, CCAA - 2). 3D seeks to provide athletes with a number of tools that will aid in the goal of post-secondary play. Our competition and tournaments provide live exposure to University and College recruiters. We record & accumulate the game footage necessary to develop recruiting tapes. We provide access to the Sports Recruits website, which allows for direct access to Post-Secondary Coaches and unparalleled exposure options. The Varsity group will travel to Ontario on a University tour in October to visit Universities and prep schools, meet coaches and play in a high level OSBA tournament. At 3D we have welcomed a number of guest coaches from the University and College Level to provide athletes with the feel of a post secondary practice as well as an opportunity to ask questions to the coaches to help aid their development and expectations.



We seek to provide our athletes with the best possible competition experiences. We seek out top level tournaments across North America where you will have the opportunity to have the chance to play against top level competition. We travel consistently so athletes are experienced playing against different styles and levels of physicality. Past trips for the Elite programs have included: Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Calgary, Chicago, Denmark, Portugal.