North Shore

Individual & Group Training

Our mission is to help players develop game-specific skills that produce in-game results in both private basketball training or group workout settings. Open to players of all ages and abilities.

Above all else the experience needs to be fun! We accomplish this by sharing our love and passion for the game with our clients. No matter what position you play, we focus on developing the following core attributes needed to be an effective offensive threat from anywhere on the court: speed stops, pace when dribbling the ball, pivot footwork, finishing footwork, and footwork into scoring moves. In today’s era of position-less basketball, it’s important for every player to develop these individual offensive skills regardless of size.

We create a "classroom setting" in our sessions to support a “teaching” approach to player development. Explanation and demonstration is imperative for players to develop a better understanding of the game. We book our sessions in 75 minutes blocks to allow ample time to ensure players get a great workout and learn new skills. In addition to developing footwork, timing, and rhythm with the basketball, we also look to develop players in the following areas:

  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Dribbling/Finishing with both hands
  • Contested finishing
  • Understanding spacing
  • Moving without the ball
  • Decision making on dribble drives

Training Sessions

Individual Training
5 per session
$300 for 5 sessions
$500 for 10 sessions

Individual training consists of 1 player and 1 coach. These sessions will be designed on an individual basis to help each specific player improve their weaknesses and perfect their strengths. We have 2 levels of Individual Training – “Beginner/Intermediate” and “Advanced/Elite”. If you desire the maximum personal attention for your child, this is the place to get it.

Small Group Training (2-5 Players)
$55 per session (each player)
$250 for 5 sessions (each player)
$450 for 10 sessions (each player)

Small Group training consists of 3-8 players and 1 coach. These sessions will not only allow your child to work on fundamentals, but also provide a chance to compete against other players. Along with drills, small group training will typically include competitive games of 1 on 1, 2 on 2, and/or 3 on 3.

To Sign up for Individual or Small Group training, please contact us at