Our son has been part of the 3D program for approximately three years.  Over that period, we have been very pleased with the development of his skill, physical conditioning and understanding of the game.   Equally important, his passion for the game is heightened by the training, experiences and camaraderie the 3D program provides.

The program is challenging with exceptional coaches who hold the players accountable for their own development.  We would recommend 3D for any players seeking to achieve an elite level of play.

Axel & Karen Christiansen

My daughter participated in many of 3D’s programs (skill development, elite academy, and off season teams) over an eight-year period. The coaches she had over the years were extremely knowledgeable, committed and dedicated.  She learned a tremendous amount from them.  It was because of 3D as well as my daughter’s commitment and drive to getting better that she was able to play at a very high level throughout her high school career, and achieve her dream of playing basketball at the post secondary level.  Over the years, 3D went above and beyond in providing various opportunities for her to improve her game.  The off-season teams that she participated in were always of very high calibre. Travelling and playing with other like minded players truly helped her develop and it was also a tremendous amount of fun. I highly recommend 3D Academy for anyone wanting to improve their game and play at the highest level possible.

Vivian Martin